And So It Begins…

So I’m at least a decade late getting into blogging. Oh sure, I wrote ‘blogs’ at Myspace, and posted notes at Facebook, but no one on there wants to hear such folderol. And really, aren’t Facebook friends the sort of people you just want to hold up to public ridicule at some other site, away from those people you knew in high school who are all much, much more successful than you, and those hapless, helpless idiots you knew from the tail end of your ‘partying’ days? I thought so.

I’m planning to hit this SOB daily, hoping to crack a few jokes at the expense of people you probably don’t know, and to make some computer pen pals. But then, I’m also planning to hit up the Radio Shack and get into podcasting. ‘Cos I have the podcast bug, man… there are roughly as many podcasts available for listening as there are stars in the sky, and just about all of them are more interesting than terrestrial radio. I need an AUDIENCE, and I can’t very well go ’round laying long-winded whinges on the unsuspecting souls of my trivia team, can I?


About rockiebee

Husband. Dad. Carpenter. Troubadour. Creative Director for an action figure theater troupe. Video director. Critic. Comics fan.
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