Musing On Danny Gatton Album Covers

….Specifically, ‘Unfinished Business.’  I’m not posting a picture of it; hey, I mentioned Danny Gatton, and you’re either on the trolley or you’re not, wearing a real Ronex wristwatch.

We moved into a ‘real,’ detached house earlier in the month. We have 80% of our stuff in our house,* which is a switch from the months August to November, where we had 80% of our stuff in storage.

We did this because before we went thru the trouble of turning the old townhouse into Somebody’s Dream Home, we had dreams of our own. Personally, I wanted to stow my tools withing reasonable walking distance of my truck, and not have to walk them up and down a tight stairwell.  My other dream was inspired by the ‘Unfinished Business’ album cover, which shows a mall kiosk-level ‘professional-style’ colored pencil illustration of a yard, a driveway with project cars, a garage with the door open, crammed floor to rafters with CRAP, and in the farthest reach (by the refrigerator), a 3-piece band jamming.
That’s what I wanted; since I’m not wanted in any traditional venues, I’d turn my garage into the hottest show in town.  My ‘music friends’ would finally answer my phone calls!

Eh, since I’ve had that dream, all my ‘music friends’ who lived in their own, freestanding homes are on the streets again, either living with their folks, mooching off girlfriends, or (worst of all) crashing on couches.  At this point, I should point out most of my ‘music friends’ are older than me, and I’m 38.  I picture my buddy on the ‘Sofa Circuit’ worn out from partying and trying to convince his benefactors that they’re having a great time, that he’s having a great time; really, he’s probably as worn out and beaten down as ‘Slurms MacKenzie’ in that one episode of ‘Futurama.’**

So, ‘music friends,’ stay the hell away from my house!

*the remainder’s in our in-laws garage. GHOD, THEY’RE GOOD PEOPLE.

**The one with the ‘Fing-Longerer.’  Or was it the one with ‘Sex-lexia?”


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Husband. Dad. Carpenter. Troubadour. Creative Director for an action figure theater troupe. Video director. Critic. Comics fan.
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