You Wanted A Burt Reynolds Cartoon?

WordPress is pretty funny, showing me what search terms people use to stumble their way over to the Hive of the Hee-Hawg.  I mean, this is how I know that noted author and musical transcriptionist Ralph Agresta’s DUI monitor is a relentless pit bull.  But yeah, someone came over to the Hive looking for ‘Burt Reynolds cartoons.’

As big a Burt fan as I am, I haven’t gotten around to writing up Malone himself. I haven’t written anything in a while, as I was planning to write a little bit about my big blue guitar, which cost me $99 (not counting $149 for the Fischmann transducer, and $50 for installation), which, whether I like it or not, has been my ‘signature’ axe over the years.  I’ve just joined a new band, and the big blue guitar is once again — after 10 years — the Piece of Equipment of Its Moment.  I wanted to get a new video made for a cover of a Dean Martin Western title song which I’d made years ago — Five Card Stud — t0 show what Big Blue could and can do.  But, you know: exhaustion.

So I am shamefaced before my fellow web-surfing Burt Reynolds fan, having nothing more to show him from the search engine results than some wisecracks about a long forgotten Cleveland Indian with oily forearms.  I mean, I’ve got a song and video devoted to the guy. ‘Lewis.’ ‘Stick.’  ‘Sonny Hooper.’  ‘Sharky.’ ‘Beau Darville.’  ‘B.L. Stryker.’*

Yes, as you can see, I have a ‘Biggs Darklighter’ action figure which I have re-painted so as to make him more Burt-like. 

I made the video to make the public aware of the ‘Studio Magic’ of which some friends of mine are capable — we got that TCB in two takes, and my friend with the studio was able to convince his wife to contribute — with a straight face, no less — background vocals of such, out of context, nonsense phrases like ‘Big blue guitar’ and ‘Cadillac!’   I haven’t seen my friends with the studio in a while, so I’m not posting their names; they may well have said to themselves, ‘Aaah, forget these music people.  If I want to lose money at every turn, I’ll buy a sailboat.’  I’d hate for them to have walked away from music and spend their retirement being bothered by Rent-a-Cop fans and obsessed DUI monitors.

When I made the video, I was reading Chuck Klostermann’s Fargo Rock City every day because, well, it was in my truck and I had to read something on my coffee break.  Among other topics relating to Eighties pop metal covered in Fargo Rock City, the subject of metal music videos is covered, and I think that strongly affected how I shot the thing — like a ‘live concert clip’ with ‘wacky hi-jinks’ occurring during the non-vocal, non-verbal parts.  Yeah, it’s like that Tesla ‘live’ video that bored me when I was 15, but couldn’t avoid when hanging out at my friend-with-a-satellite-dish’s house late at night on Fridays, trying to find the ‘cutting edge’ of music.

*‘Navajo Joe!!!


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