Such Great Detectiveness!

So it looks like, if my Blogspot and Youtube data are to be believed, that the recent guest to the Hive of the Hee-Hawg who came here from a search engine for ‘Burt Reynolds cartoon’ is not, as was my previous conjecture, Ralph Agresta’s DUI monitor but….a resident of the United Kingdom!!!!

I’m guessing, if the film Hot Fuzz is in any way an accurate measure of the way American film tropes are absorbed into the United Kingdom’s popular imagination, that my equivalent ‘over the pond’ (as they say in Ol’ Blighty) — a theoretical man approaching his 39th birthday in, let’s say, Manchester — probably had a much less Burt Reynolds-saturated childhood than I did.  I mean, I’m guessing that the Burt Reynolds films that were part of the junk culture and background noise of my life through 1989 lacked that ‘international’ appeal that later films produced by Joel Silver and Simpson/Bruckheimer had.  I mean, Simon Pegg, in Hot Fuzz, doesn’t play a wise guy truck driver in a supercharged Pontiac, or a convict/squealer in a motor boat, or ‘the world’s greatest stunt man’, and his buddy Nick Frost doesn’t play a hangdog best friend who also happens to be the sort of musician that stuns Chet Atkins; he plays a humorless (or is it humour-less?) lampshade of Bruce Willis/Mel Gibson ultracompetent supermen.

So I suppose, for people who didn’t have Hooper airing on their weekend afternoons during middle school years,  showing them what life would be like if they could haze Airwolf himself at work, and get into massive brawls with Hardcastle from Hardcastle & McCormack and Quentin Tarantino’s acting teacher , and for people who didn’t have Deliverance coming on after the early football game to explain what the hell it was the Greaseman was always shrieking about, and for people who didn’t have their ideas about higher education mocked by Smokey and the Bandit, Burt Reynolds might be a bit of an alien cultural mystery to be examined with the help of a computer.  Chuck Norris has got to be a head-scratcher for English-speaking foreigners, and he had a crappy Karate Kommandos cartoon.

“Dash it all,” I can hear the British Googler saying to himself, “that’s the Devil’s weskit.  Chuckingwell Norris, he of the roundhouse kick, had a cartoon, but Burtworth Reynolds did not.  Damn your eyes! this search for Burtlington Reynolds animated trifles is coming up zed!  I shall have to retire to my chambers ‘TIL THE MORROW!”

Or maybe they just wanted to see that Robot Chicken spoof of Cannonball Run with all the Mego dolls and vehicles.  That’s probably it.


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